SEEDS Property Management

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Flexible Management Services

We are flexible and willing to customize a management program that best fits your individual needs. We are proud of our hands on approach with everyone of our clients and their properties.

Our goal is to maximize rental income and cut owner expenses which can mean the difference between a profitable cash flow rather than a money sucking liability to the owner.

Rentals, Purchases, and Sales

Kaycee Cavicchia has an extensive business development background and along with her attention to detail will become your go-to real estate solution provider in the Sate of New Jersey! 

Please reach out to us or call/email Kaycee direct about renting, purchasing, or selling a property. 



Property Management Overview

Single Family or Condo Property Management

  • Frequent property and tenant interaction, supervision and inspection.
  • Serve property notices.
  • 24-hour management of all maintenance and emergency maintenance service provided*
  • Payment of all property bills to outside vendors.
  • Provide monthly property financial statements.
  • Financial budgeting and monitoring of monthly expenses.
  • Outside vendor supervision based on established standards of service.
  • We do NOT charge vending commissions for property repairs.
  • Flat rate management fees starting at just $65.00 per month.

Additional notes:

Proactive inspections help insure your property is being properly cared for and to identify issues before they become a problem.

Sample notices served include 3 Day Notice To Pay Rent or Quit, Notice of Change inTerms, Notice to Quit, Notice to Perform Covenant or Quit, etc.

Some property management companies mark up their vendor fees in order to increase their profit. We do NOT charge vending commissions nor do we mark up prices.


Making it easier for your tenant to pay their rent online assures you receive your rent sooner rather than later with our secure online payment portal direct to your account**.

Tenants can also submit service requests, give notice, view their ledger.

Our landlord portal allows you to keep track of rent, work orders, expenses, documents, and many other crucial items related to each of your properties.


More than 9 Units

In addition to the above services... 
  • It is important that preventative steps are taken to make sure that buildings are properly maintained, and that all maintenance is documented. Boilers need to be serviced before the start of heating season. Roofs need to be inspected, patched, and coated as needed. Leaking plumbing and corroded pipes need to be repaired before they fail and cause costly damage.
  • All buildings need weekly documented inspections. This includes inspecting all common area spaces, boiler rooms, basements, and roofs. Problems found during these inspections are reported and addressed immediately.
  • We make sure that the buildings we manage are secure and that restricted areas remain off-limits to unauthorized persons.
  • Obstacles, debris, unsafe floor mats are removed from building hallways.
  • We have established relationships with vendors providing a wide range of services including: boiler maintenance, licensed 24-hour plumbers, and expert locksmiths.

Please note that depending on where your property is located an on site super may be required based on the number of units on the property.

*  Actual maintenance work is a separate cost to the Owner. All materials and supplies is a separate cost to the Owner. Maintenance work not to be performed unless prior written agreement with Owner is established. No verbal agreements are accepted.