SEEDS Property Management

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Trust SEEDS to provide the care your asset requires!

As a Full Service Property Preservation company serving the Ocean County New Jersey and surrounding areas we specialize in, but are not limited to property management foreclosure services for banks, asset management companies, local real estate agents, property owners and attorneys.

SEEDS provides comprehensive property maintenance and repair services with a focus on cost control and expense reduction while preserving the long-term physical and economic value of real estate assets.

With a dedication to providing superior service, on-time results and personalized attention to our clients and their concerns allow SEEDS Property Management to be your only choice for on-going property management services.

Property Preservation Services (most common items)

SEEDS offers many home preservation services such as lock changes, winterizations, board ups, lawn maintenance, debris removal, clean outs and much more. Here is a short list of what we provide.

Lock changes and Lock boxes installed - When changing a lock, we provide the lock keyed to your specified code, new keys and any photographic evidence necessary. 

Winterizations are for homes that have no heat in the winter.  We blow all plumbing lines out with compressed air and install -50 antifreeze in all drains, dishwashers and toilets.  Water heaters are drained and toilets taped shut.

Lawn Maintenance - We provide lawn service when in season, includes mowing, trimming, tree trimming, shrub trimming, weed removal and brush removal.

Debris Removal - We offer a wide variety of debris removal, from large tree stumps to the smallest couch, interior or exterior we can handle it.

Boarding. We can board many sizes of windows, garages and accessible openings, large or small.  We board per HUD specifications to ensure security.

Evictions - We perform quick and professional evictions in coordination with the local sheriff to ensure proper safety for everyone involved.  Personals are removed with care and placed carefully in front lawn or by curb.  Items are then removed in accordance to local law and sheriff following mandatory waiting period.

Mold Remediation - Mold can become a very bad problem if not dealt with properly.  We can remove mold completely if it has began to grow into drywall, or get rid of surface mold by encapsulating it with an anti-microbial and cover with a stain blocker.

Pool Covers & Removal - We provide pool covers to HUD specs, ensuring quality and safety.  We also provide pool draining and above ground pool removal services.

Sales Clean Program

We offer a full service sales clean program.  Vacuum, mop, and wipe down of all countertops and appliances.  Includes replacing burnt out light bulbs, cleaning of toilets, bathtubs, sinks. 

Initial services include:

  •  Clean-up
  •  Removal of Furniture
  •  Removal of Trash
  •  Debris in and around property
  •  Removal of Damaged Flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile)
  •  Carpet cleaning
  •  Surface Cleaning (broom-swept or white glove)
  •  Window Washing

We can also customize each cleaning program to meet your specific needs.

Other Services

In addition to the standard clean-up services your homes may require, we provide a number of other services to get your homes looking their best. These services can be quoted along with your original bid or requested at any time as an individual service.

  • Security: Re-installing locks, secure doors, windows, plumbing winterization
  • Maintenance: Lawn Care, and landscaping options.
  • Painting: interior, exterior / cosmetic repair.
  • Flooring: Hardwood flooring removal and installation. Carpet/Pad removal and installation. Tile removal and installation
  • Drywall: Repair, removal and installation.
  • Fixture and Appliance: Removal and installation.
  • Interior Appliance Cleaning: Pricing may depend on each individual appliance.
  • Exterior Power Washing: This service is available to all residential and commercial clients as a single service or in addition to their regular cleaning. Residential services that benefit from power washing include driveways, concrete, awnings, brickwork, wood/vinyl decks, vinyl and aluminum siding.
  • Electrical: New service, panel box, meter swap, outlets, switches, Light fixtures.