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Residential Lawn Care Programs and Services

Your lawn and garden's appearance is one of the areas around your home that can make the most impact on the value of your property!

We live in the same community we pledge to serve!

So, when looking for a local service provider, look no further than your neighbor!

As a firmly established lawn care business that combines a time perfected combination of quality and service we strive for 100% Customer satisfaction.

We have always gone out of our way to see that our customers are taken care of and we will not stop until you are completely satisfied!

Lawn Services should improve your lawn, landscape and home. Lawn services help extend your home life to the outdoors, protect your family from health concerns and even increase the value of your home. 

Our professional lawn services take the worry off your shoulders by delivering what you want and need to have a fantastic landscape. With SEEDS Property Management you've found a local lawn services professionals who can handle all of these lawn services for you.

From lawn seedingtree and shrub services to home pest control treatments for perimeter foundation and home barrier protection, SEEDS Property Management has trusted local partners to provide complete lawn services so your life can be carefree.

*Weekly Lawn Care includes cleaning of hard surfaces along with by-weekly edging of beds, curbs, walks, and driveways. Prices start as low as $25 per weekly visit. Call us for a free no obligation estimate.

During our weekly visits we will up-keep the beds around your property. For neglected landscapes, a one time maintenance fee may be required in order to clear out heavy weed buildup and bring beds up to service standards.

It is recommended leaving grass clippings in the grass as a natural way to supply nutrients and improve the amount of moisture your lawn retains. We will collect clippings in areas where grass has grown too dense or tall to leave behind. Also, keep in mind that some towns do not allow the collection or disposal of grass clippings.

Add some Seasonal Colors to your home. We can design and install your annual garden for you or we van do it together!

Usually planted May thru June these flowers can provide all Summer colors to your garden. If you want to have color starting as soon as February the planting needs to occur in late Fall before the first frosts. Typically these are bulbs that will begging showing up as early as February into April. 

Check out "Tips" section for a bit more information on flowers. 

Or, if you have already selected your flowers we will simply install them at your desired locations.

Removing fallen leaves, branches, and other debries that would otherwise hamper the growth of a healthy lawn is essential to maximize the potential of your landscape.  Fall and Spring Clean Outs are essential for the future health of your lawn. 

We offer money saving options for your Spring Clean Out when you perform a Fall Clean Out. Contact us for full details.


If you are the do-it-yourself type we offer curve side pick up of your leaves! Simply get your leaves to the edge of the curve and we will do the rest starting at just $85!

Pruning of shrubs and small trees. This service is offered year around depending on the plants your unique  garden offers. Pruning your shrubs and small trees provides a great looking lawn along with healthy and happy plants!

Learn more about when and how to prune with this great article at Lowes: Pruning Basics.


Keep your landscape looking its best and at the same time help control weed growth, reduce erosion, insulate bush/plant roots and conserve moisture by Mulching at least once a year! 

Mulching around trees reduces soil compaction, suppresses weed growth, conserves moisture and eliminates the competition for nutrients with grass growing around the tree. Never pile mulch more than 4 inches high. Do not allow mulch to touch tree trunks keeping mulch away 3-6 inches away from young trees and 8-12 inches from mature trunks.

Over time grass clippings left behind to help your lawn's natural irrigation and fertilizing process will build up too compact and prevent growth by limiting the amount of air and nutrients that grass needs to reach its full potential. 

When this occurs we suggest Core Aeration in order to keep your lawn healthy. Aerating will enhance the air exchange between soil and atmosphere, water uptake, improve fertilizer uptake, reduce water runoff, stronger roots, and ehance the overall tolerance of your grass.

Due to the wamer climate in our area it is recommended to perform core aeration in early Summer.

Hardscaping, pavers, retaining walls, and outdoor fireplaces are a great way to beautify your outdoor space while increasing your usable area and raising the value of your property. We will design and build your space to perfection! 

There is a great article on hardscaping and it's benefits, other than increasing the value of your home, by the guys of howstuffworks. Read it here.